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Song Chip Compatibility


Model Compatible NOT Compatible
ET23KH (English, Tagalog, Spanish)

All English, Tagalog, Hindi and Spanish Song Chips
& Some foreign other than the list on right side.

Korean Hymn
Recording pack

ET-12s All other song chips except the list on right side.

MPOP vol.1, 2, 3, 
Spanish Gospel
Korean-10, KR-6
Korean Hymn

ALL ET Series Systems
(ET19Kv, ET18Kv, ET13K, ET12K, ET9K, MT14K, ET15K, ET21K, ET25K)
All Song Chips Korean Hymn
ALL ED Series Systems
(EG-18000, ED-11000, ED-9000, ED-8000, ED-7000, ED-6000, ED-2000 (MS II), & older models)
All other song chips except the list on right side.

POP vol.20, 21, 22, 23, 24 & 25
MPOP vol.1, 2, 3

Xtreme Premium Collection v.1
Xtreme Premium Collection v.2
Korean-10, KR-6

ET23KHC (English, Tagalog, Spanish)

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Italy 1-2, Turkey, Hindi 2, French 3, Dutch 2-3, Thailand
Mariachi, Swiss, Norway, German 2, Finland 1-3, Brazil 2, Korean Hymn, Slovenia

OnStage ET28KH


All song chips are not compatible to ET28KH


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