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My Stage HDK

  - My Stage is a new brand, different from Magic Sing, for the most advanced home karaoke systems.
  - High Definition video with HDMI and better sound quality than ANY high-end karaoke system.
  - With USB drive, download your own favorite songs from a selection of 50,000+ songs from manufacturer's website.
  - Download mp3s, mp4s, or DivX files onto ANY USB drive, and enjoy your musics and movies!
  - With Music Note display, have a friend follow along the notes with other musical instrument.
  - Record yourself singing! Play your recording back on the TV!


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My Stage HDK-2000 w/ 1,805 Hindi Songs
My Stage HDK-2000 w/ 1,805 Hindi Songs
Sale Price: $359.00
Our Price: $499.00 save 28%