MAGIC SING MP30 w/ 1 year Access Card

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16357 presents a new model MP30.
It is a Bluetooth karaoke you can connect to the MagicSing App on your phone and sing with it.
There is a high quality speaker system attached on the microphone, and you have all the controls.
You can access more than 200,000 songs on the MagicSing server.


Try on Your Phone

Experience Karaoke on Your Phone
& Find Out What Songs You Can Access

Experience Karaoke without MP30, and find out
how it works and what you can access.
With MP30, conveniently you will be able to use all karaoke features of the microphone w/ speaker.

“MASICSING” (Entermedia Co., Ltd) provides more than 200,000 songs all over the world in real-time by using a more advanced streaming technology and the latest songs are automatically updated for easy access anywhere and anytime.


You will be able to access Magic Sing streaming server unlimited for one (1) year from the date you register this card.
Optionally, you may need to purchase the addtional card after
“Free 1 Year Streaming Service Card” is expired. However, its cost is much lower than the price of single song chip currently sold.

Connecting MagicSing app to MP30 will make it much easier

With registration of 1 year Streaming Service Card, you will be able to access new songs which are updated regularly, and all other languages such as Tagalog, Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and more.


  • One microphone is included
  • INCLUDED 1 Year Streaming Service Card
  • Select and stream thousands of songs from our music server. (The songs will be updated weekly)
  • Adjustable Melody, Tone, Echo, Tempo and other Karaoke functions
  • Record own songs for replay
  • Changeable Melody instrument
  • Jump (Prelude and Interlude)
  • Reserve songs
  • USB port for flash drive
  • Auto power off


  • Model: MP30
  • Pickup: Capacitive
  • Directivity: Single point
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-10KHz
  • Reverb mode: Echo sound reverberation
  • Output Power: 3Wx2 (Speaker output)
  • Maximum sound pressure level:>115dB
  • Battery capacity: 2000mAh


Magicsing Bluetooth microphone (MP30), USB Cable, Audio/Charging Cable, Carrying Bag, Quick Guide and 1 Year Streaming Service Card

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