My Stage HDK-2000 w/ 1,805 Hindi Songs

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New Features

  • Two(2) Wireless microphones.
  • High Definition images and movies with HDMI
  • 1,805 the most popular Hindi songs (1,509 Hindi+198 Marathi+98 Punjabi) and 2,001 English songs and from the oldies to the current hits!
  • Compatible with CDG (mp3+g) files
  • Play movie files (DivX, H.264, MP4, Xvid)
  • Play music files (MP3, MP2, WMA, FLAC, OGG)
  • 2 additional song chip slots.
  • Music Note Display - You can play with your other electronic or acoustic instrument!
  • Customize your background with your own personal videos and pictures!
  • Record yourself singing as many as the memory allowed! Play your recording back on the TV!


  • Two(2) Wireless microphones.
  • USB Port- For insertion of any USB drive to play downloaded music,movies & photos.
  • HD screen- Clear Image and Lyrics
  • HDMI output- for easy setup
  • Audio output- Connection to external stereo system
  • Video output- Selectable between Analog and Digital TV
  • Expansion slots- High capacity; Media Pack Consolidation Technology - virtually unlimited expansion


  • 1,805 Hindi Built-in Songs (1,509 Hindi+198 Marathi+98 Punjabi)
  • 2,001 English Built-in Songs
  • Music Note Display (for instruments, such as guitar, saxophone, etc.)
  • Song search (by title, singer, lyric, or number)
  • Smart Echo – Echo can be adjusted 5 different ways and can be activated automatically while singing.
  • Tempo Control
  • Key Control
  • Melody Volume Control
  • Microphone Volume Control
  • Music Volume Control
  • Guide Vocal Assist
  • Guide Vocal Volume Control
  • Instrument accommodation
  • Male/Female key option
  • Random song selection
  • Repeat song selection
  • Continuous song play
  • Vocal Assist
  • Score Check – More granulized score check will give you more accurate scores.
  • Back Ground – Built-in Movie, Pictures can be customized with your own movies and pictures
  • Reservation – Reserve songs up to 20 “Favorites” song list
  • Record and Replay – Record songs with your own voice
  • Search Songs by different categories – Speedy Search
  • Built-in Manual – No more paper based manuals or worrying about losing the manual!
  • Hard Copy of Song List included

Song List My Stage HDK-2000 Hindi

Song List My Stage HDK-2000 English for Hindi version

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